Alfa-Beta Arteether

Brand Name: ALBETRO

Alfa-Beta Arteether

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Alfa-Beta Arteether injection is a drug that is used to treat malaria infection. Additionally, it provides relief from the symptoms of malaria. This medication is related to the antimalarial category of medicine. It also treats harmful malaria which s caused by plasmodium falciparum sometimes patients of malaria do not feel any betterment with tablet or oral medication of malaria. Alfa-Beta Arteether is a natural compound extract from an annual plant and is used by doctors to treat symptoms of malaria via injection, and the symptoms of malaria include fever, chills, sweating, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, anemia, fatigue, and headache.

Alfa-Beta Arteether injection is related to antiparasitic drugs, and works by forming dangerous chemicals into the parasite of malaria for ending them. This injectable;e medication is intravenously by a professional physician. This medication has limited time to use, in other words, we can say that this drug cannot be used by patients for more time. Never use this medication with other medications because it may interact with other medicines. Patients may feel common bad effects with the use of Alfa-Beta Arteether injection, and these bad effects include pain at the injection site, vomiting, nausea, mild allergic reactions, dizziness,  and headache. Other than this many users also feel severe side effects like difficulty in breathing, swelling of the throat, and face, and harmful skin rashes. Common bad effects do not need any health treatment but severe effects need a doctor’s help for treatment.

Product Description

Brand name: ALBERTO

Manufacturer: Apikos  Pharma

 Composition: Alfa-Beta Arteether

 Country of origin: India

 Packaging size: 3*1

 Packaging Type: container

 Usage: Medical/ Clinical

 Form of Medication: Injection

 Type of Medication: Allopathic

Category: Antimalarial

 Treatment: Malaria

Prescription or Nonprescription:  Prescription

 Storage Indications Of Alfa-Beta Arteether Injection

 For the best way to store the medication, it is always recommended by the pharmacist to read the information on the label because the indication for storage depends on the basis of the manufacturer and production of medication. Following are some ways to store  Alfa-Beta Arteether injection accurately

    Injections are always stored according to room temperature like 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

      Keep the medication away from sunlight.

      The user should keep the drug in a cool and dry place.

      To maintain the integrity of the injection it is necessary to keep the drug in original packaging.

      Never store Alfa-Beta Arteether injection in the bathroom to avoid humidity.

      Keep the drug away from children and pets.

Safety Precautions With The Use Of Alfa-Beta Arteether Injection

      This injectable medicine should be used by patients under the guidance of the health administration.

      It is mandatory for the patient to complete the course of medication.

      Never skip the dose of medication.

      Never drive any vehicle because the patient may feel the side effects of dizziness after taking medication.

      Three months pregnant women can not use this injectable drug, and in case f breastfeeding females should inform the doctor.

Consult with a doctor if the user feels symptoms like muscle pain and heartbeat changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Question:  Is Alfa-Beta Arteether injection safe for every patient?

 Answer: This injectable medication is not safe for every person patients with hypersensitivity may feel some common or severe side effects with the use of this medication.

Question: is Alfa-Beta Arteether injection can self-administer?

Answer: No, self-administered this drug is prohibited for patients. This drug can be administered by only professional healthcare providers.

Question: Can I use an Alfa-Beta Arteether injection to treat bacterial infections?

Answer: No, this medication cannot be used to treat bacterial infections because the primary function of this medicine is to treat malarial infections.

Question: What kind of symptoms can be felt by patients after taking a dose of Alfa-Beta Arteether injection?

Answer: Side effects symptoms of medication are varied from patient to patient and the symptoms of side effects include,  nausea, headache, vomiting, dizziness, and mild allergic reactions.

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