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Clobetasol Miconazole Neomycin & Chlorocresol Cream

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Clobetasol + Miconazole + Neomycin & Chlorocresol Cream – If you are suffering from skin infections and you want to treat your skin infections without causing any damage to your skin, then use BENKOS. Sold by this brand name in the Indian market, this cream comes with the amalgamation of four of the best compounds namely Clobetasol, Miconazole, Neomycin & Chlorocresol. It is used in the treatment of different types of skin infections. Further, dermatologists and healthcare experts recommend to those patients who are attempting to get rid of skin infections.

Working Mechanism of Clobetasol + Miconazole + Neomycin & Chlorocresol Cream

BENKOS is enriched with the power of four molecules namely Clobetasol, Miconazole, Neomycin & Chlorocresol that combines and allow the user to get rid of skin infections.

  1. Clobetasol: Clobetasol belongs to the class of steroids that works to block the generation of skin red itchy and swollen making prostaglandins (chemical messengers).
  2. Neomycin: Neomycin belongs to the group of antibiotics that works by killing bacteria. It prevents the accumulation of essential proteins that are needed by bacteria to carry out vital functions.
  3. Miconazole: Miconazole belongs to the class of antifungals that works by blocking the fungi growth. By doing this, it does not allow the fungi to create their protective covering.
  4. Chlorocresol: Chlorocresol is a substance that is used to prevent infections. It contains disinfectant, antiseptic, and bactericidal properties. It works by destroying bacteria and restricting microbial growth.

Expert Tips for Optimal Usage

This cream contains some powerful properties that can cause hassle for the user if not used properly. Thus, it is better to use this cream under the observation of a doctor. Keep in mind the following tips by the experts if you want to reap out maximum benefits from Clobetasol + Miconazole + Neomycin & Chlorocresol Cream without causing any harm to your skin:

  1. Use this cream only if you have skin infections. Avoid using this cream to treat or cure any other health issue.
  2. Make sure to clean your skin with water before applying this cream.
  3. Apply a thin layer of this cream on the infected area or as recommended by your dermatologists or healthcare expert.
  4. Make sure to keep the tip of the tube protected from getting contaminated.
  5. Avoid any contact with eyes, nose, ears, or mouth. Rinse immediately in case of any contact.
  6. Use Clobetasol + Miconazole + Neomycin & Chlorocresol Cream as recommended by the dermatologist or healthcare expert.
  7. Never use this cream longer than directed.

Side Effects

Clobetasol + Miconazole + Neomycin & Chlorocresol Cream is generally safe to apply. But if overused or not used with proper care and caution, then it can cause hassle for the patient. Overapplication of this cream can invite the following side effects:

  1. Itching
  2. Burning sensation on the application site.
  3. Irritation
  4. Thinning of the skin.

So, these are some of the side effects that you can encounter if you overused Clobetasol + Miconazole + Neomycin & Chlorocresol Cream. These are mild side effects that generally do not need any medical attention. But if in case they become problematic, then you can consult your dermatologist to get medical help.

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