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Nimesulide 100 mg Tablets

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Nimesulide Tablets manufactured by Apikos Pharma is an non – steroidal painkillers which can be used to treat pains such as the body ache, excessive menstrual pain which is termed as dysmenorrhea. It may also treat toothache generally caused due to cavity or certain nerve damage. The usage of the salt begins with the controlling of a chemical receptor that initiates the brain about the pain. 

Nimesulide is a very common pain killer that is used in almost every household but the usage of this tablet without the prescription and consultation of the doctor may lead to some of the adverse effects also such as nausea can be caused, and sometimes the digestive issues may also develop. If there is an occurance of the negative side effects , it may lead the person to some serious health issues, hence if there is any noticeable development it is suggested to report the clinician immediately before the problem gets severe.

The patient is required to follow the necessary precautions also with the Nimesulide tablets such as not overdosing on the tablets, taking the appropriate amount of rest and also most importantly consuming a healthy diet. Most of the health issues occur due to the consumption of an unhealthy diet which includes oily food and more refined flour. It is necessary to exercise daily so the muscle stiffness won’t occur. 

Medicinal Benefits of Nimesulide Tablets

The beneficial outcomes of the medicines are plenty and also gives instant results when used in a limited quantity.

  • The aid cures health issues.
  • It specializes in curing body pains.
  • Controls the chemical receptors target and sends the signals to the brain about the pain.
  • Directly attacks the area in which it is involved in pain.
  • Treats the toothache too.
  • Beneficial for the woman as it helps in the treatment of excessive menstrual cramps.   
  • Cures in body inflammation.

Dose Requirement for Nimesulide Tablets 

The dose requirements for the tablet must be suggested by the doctor only, one is requested not to consume the tablets without the consultation and the recommendation of the doctor. Overdosing on the same would not be beneficial for the health purposes hence consuming it in a limited quantity only. 

Side Effects of Nimesulide Tablets 

The drug produces the side effects too which are occurring within the regular bus of the tablets.

  • May cause nausea.
  • Digestive issues can be faced by the patient .
  • Vomiting can occur.
  • Constantly sleepy feelings can occur.
  • Liver enzymes issues can be occurred.

Precautions with Nimesulide Tablets 

One needs to follow some of the necessary precautions.

  • Take the tablets on the suggestion of the doctor only.
  • Do not overdose on the tablets.
  • Take care of the salt allergies.
  • Follow a healthy diet.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Do not take the medicine if you are pregnant.
  • The drug is not for the consumption of children.


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NIMKOS-100 Nimesulide 100 mg 20X10 Blister 360

Drug Interaction with Other Salts 

The drug may interact with other salts too

The pharmaceutical aid can produce some serious effects when accompanied with respiratory medicines, blood thinners, antidiabetics, anti-epileptics, anti-cancer agents , immune system affecting medicines, antacids, and anti-HIV medicines .


Keep the Nimesulide Tablets in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight.

Note – Nimesulide Tablets have to be stored in a cool and dry place only. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Question 1. How long will the Nimesulide tablets take to resolve the pain ?

Answer 1. The response of the tablet will depend upon how the body reacts to the drug.

Question 2. Nimesulide Tablets can help in getting rid of the menstrual cramps?

Answer 2. Yes, the tablets specializes in curing the period pain caused by the cramps.

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