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TOP 10 Cough Syrups in India for Kids

Top 10 cough syrups in India for Kids – A cough may be defined as an irritated throat or an involuntary action which clears the mucus or microbes from the breathing passage. There are two types of coughs- Dry and Wet cough. Dry cough is free from mucus and may be caused due to respiratory infections whereas wet cough is accompanied by mucus release. Cold and cough is more prevalent in the winter season due to the presence of smog or other allergens in the environment.

Although all age groups suffer from this common throat problem, kids are much more vulnerable to the same. Due to the surging cases of cough in children, the pharmaceutical sector has expanded its array of products. A lot of primary and secondary improvements have been made to enhance the quality of cough syrups. In this blog, we have further discussed the top 10 cough syrups in India for Kids.

Top 10 cough syrups in india for kids

10 Efficient Cough Syrups for children in India

It is integral to choose the best cough syrup for children as ineffective treatment may prove as a catalyst in increasing the infection. Choosing the top cough syrup for your child may be a bewildering task. To help you clear this confusion we have compiled the top 10 cough syrups in India for Kids which have been evaluated on various grounds including effectiveness, ingredients used, safety and affordability.


Accessible with the brand name Reokast L this medication is the topmost cough syrup present in India for pediatric use provided by Apikos Pharma. It contains Montelukast & Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride as active ingredients which are used to cure allergic conditions like sneezing, coughing and running nose. Pollen and seasonal allergies have cough as their common symptom and this medication reliably treats this medical disruption in kids.


Deroxy P is another trustable cough syrup for the treatment for cough and other respiratory conditions in kids. Formulated using dextromethorphan hydrobromide phenylephrine hydrochloride and chlorpheniramine maleate, this cough syrup is safe to use with negligible side effects. It is derived from 100% pure and raw ingredients and is available at an affordable price.

Pelbrox LS

Your search for the best pediatric cough syrup ends at Pelbrox LS. This cough syrup is effective in curing bronchitis and chest congestion accompanied with cough and cold. levosalbutamol sulphate ambroxol hydrochloride and guaiphenesin are the major ingredients used in manufacturing the medicine and are tested several times in quality control labs to ensure the best product quality delivered.


P-REX is another crucial product in the list of top 10 cough syrups in India for kids. The medicinal formula of this cough syrup includes DIPHENHYDRAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE, TERPINE HYDRATE, AMMONIUM CHLORIDE, SODIUM CITRATE AND MENTHOL which are the superior components of treating seasonal allergies and cough. It is widely recommended by doctors to use this cough syrup as advised by the doctor to achieve desired effects.


Honykof is an ayurvedic cough syrup known for its naturally curing effects on cough and cold. It is an herbal cough syrup formulated by using raw and unblended ingredients like honey, tulsi and ginger which work magically on relieving symptoms of bronchitis and respiratory disorders. It is verified to use in children and is non-drowsy.

Hamard Joshina

Joshing is an herbal cough syrup that is an unmatched formulation in the list of top 10 cough syrups in India for kids. Derived from 12 vital herbs, it not only cures cough but also boosts the kid’s immunity. Major products used to make this medicine are:

  • Unnab
  • Ashwagandha
  • Tulsi
  • Mulethi
  • Amaltas

All these herbs are proven to cure sore throat and act as immunity boosters for the body. Hence, experts recommend the use of joshina in children also but with altered and less dosage.


Benadryl cough syrup is an effective and worthwhile treatment for cough and chest congestion in children. Some pros of this syrup include delicious mixed food flavor and alcohol-free formula. It also treats medical conditions related to asthma ad bronchitis. It is a rapid-acting medication that acts within 30 minutes of intake in overcoming cough and cold issues.

Safe Sahet

The 8th position in the hierarchical list of the best 10 cough syrups for kids in India is occupied by safe sahet honey syrup. Designed using herbal components like Mulethi, honey, pipli, dry ginger and honey, this cough syrup easily treats all sorts of cough and is available within an affordable range. Use this medicine as directed by the doctor to get the most desired results.

Dabur Madhuvaani

Dabur Madhuvaani cough syrup works blissfully in children and give the following additional benefits.

  • Controls respiratory stress
  • Clears chest congestion
  • Relieves cough
  • Prevents throat irritation

It is formulated by pure and uncontaminated herbs incorporating tulsi, honey, ginger, elaichi, and dalchini to provide the most efficacious remedy for cough in children. It can also be used by adults under proper medical advice

Alex Junior

The trustable name for the top cough-curing medicines in kids is Alex junior cough syrup which effectively treats dry cough in kids. Its composition includes safe and reliable ingredients which are considered safe for pediatric use and relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.


Cough is one such medical condition that if left uncured can lead to fatal respiratory diseases. Hence, it is vital to treat this common medical condition with care in children. We hope that your confusion of which syrups will be best suited for your kids is cleared with the above-provided list of the top 10 cough syrups in India for kids.

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