How Much Investment is Required for Pharma Franchise

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How Much Investment is Required for Pharma Franchise

How Much Investment is Required for Pharma Franchise? – For a successful business, well planned out investment is very important. Knowing about the required investment for the business in which you are going to invest is essential and could make your work a lot easier. Same is the case with pharma franchise business but many pharma professions do not know How Much Investment is Required for Pharma Franchise? Good idea about the investment is must for the investor. 

We at Apikos Pharma has got the many queries regarding the Investment Required for Pharma Franchise. With the help of this post, we are providing the idea of an investment that is required for pharma franchise. Since pharma franchise business is growing well and have a lot of scope in the industry, many pharma professionals are looking forward to grabbing this opportunity and start their business. If you are also one among them, then this post will help you well in getting an idea of investment required for pharma franchise.


Areas you will be required to Invest for Pharma Franchise

For a Pharma Franchise from a good pharmaceutical company, you need to plan our investment in the right way. This will not only help you in getting smooth running of business but also help you in managing your investment. This way you will able to over come to the unnecessary expense and help you in putting your money in the right place. Here are areas you will be required to invest:

  • Investment in Doctors, product you are dealing with and market
  • License and documents investment.
  • Expense of the premises
  • Wages of employees
  • Other bills

How to plan the investment for the pharma franchise?

Getting a pharma franchise from a pharma company is not very expensive. This is a business that requires low investment thus, the risk involved in this business.  If you know all the ways to start this business and associate with the right pharma company then this business could provide you good profit and help you grow your business well. Here are is the best way by which you could plan your investment so that you do not run out of funds the business:

  • Initial Investment
  • Secondary Investment
  • Emergency investment

Here emergency investment is essential, it is for the unexpected expenses that could come up any kind. It is better you have an extra amount of money to tackle with such kind of situation.

Investment for the Documents and licenses for Pharma Franchise

Another essential thing that is required for the pharma franchise s the legal procedure. One must get the permission from the government to sell any sort of drug in India. Selling drugs without this is illegal and can cause your troubles. Here are the documents that are required for the pharma franchise and the investment that you will be needed to do for these documents:

  • Approx 5000/- will be required for the drug license (may vary slightly from state to state)
  • Nearly 4500/- for the goods and services tax registration number
  • Trade mark registration per product/name is 4500/- along the fee of the advocate
  • Registration of FSSAI per year 100

This is one-time investment except for the FSSAI, you only need to pay for this thing once.

Estimated Investment Required for Pharma Franchise

Telling about the exact amount of the investment required for the pharma franchise business is not possible as it varies from company to company and their services. But on an average, the PCD Pharma Franchise business required a minimum investment of 2500 and some of the pharma companies provide 20% discount on the investment of 50,000.


We hope this helped you well in getting an idea about the investment that is required for the pharma franchise. Apikos Pharma is top Pharma Franchise company that offers the business opportunity in all parts of the country. If you want to get a great start in the pharma industry by starting your own business then Apikos Pharm could be a good option for you. Contact us here:

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