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B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine

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B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine – Multivitamins especially syrups are a big necessity as they allow the user to replenish the body’s stores of vital nutrients. Sold by the brand name APIBION-L, this syrup is used to treat and cure nutritional deficiencies. It is a perfect mix of B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine that allows the body to complete its daily vitamins and mineral requirements. This syrup is recommended by healthcare experts to those patients who are unable to complete their daily micro nutritional requirements.

Uses of B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine

APIBION-L is a combination of B-Complex and L-Lysine that allows the person to hit their daily vitamins and minerals requirements. Additionally, the usage of this syrup will bring the following benefits to the user:

  1. It helps to maintain muscle mass.
  2. It prevents catabolism.
  3. It supports calcium absorption
  4. Increase energy levels.
  5. Enhances recovery.
  6. Builds immunity.
  7. Maintain healthy bones.
  8. Encourage the production of carnitine.
  9. Converts fatty acids into energy.
  10. Fights oxidative stress.

Quick Tips for Better Usage

B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine provides a host of health benefits to the users. But it contains a few powerful properties that need to be used in a precise manner to get the best results. So, if you want to get the most benefits from this syrup, then keep in mind the following instructions:

  1. You have been prescribed this syrup only if you have nutritional deficiencies. Thus, do not use it to treat and cure any other health ailment.
  2. Make sure to complete the full bottle within the first 30 days to get the best results.
  3. It is recommended to complete the full treatment of using B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine without skipping any dosage in between to get the maximum benefits as stopping the treatment early will halt the treatment.
  4. Never exceed the recommended dosage and keep it as directed by the healthcare expert.
  5. Avoid consuming alcohol during the course of using this syrup as alcohol consumption can negatively impact the medicine absorption and can also interfere with the absorption of the nutrients.
  6. Read the label carefully before using this syrup.
  7. Use is daily preferable after a meal for better absorption and to avoid an upset stomach.

Side Effects of B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine

This syrup is well-tolerated by most patients. It is side effect free and does not cause any hassle to the user. But even a minor dosage of misuse of this syrup can invite a lot of side effects for the users. Thus, it is advised to use it under the supervision of a healthcare expert. The side effects noted with the misusage of B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine include the following:

  1. Mild stomach upset.
  2. Flushing.
  3. Dizziness.
  4. Change in taste.

These are the few side effects that you can possibly encounter with the misusage of B-Complex Syrup with L-Lysine. These are mild side effects that do not require any immediate medical attention. They are prone to fade away as the body adapts to the medicine. But in case they do not fade away automatically, then you can contact your healthcare expert to get medical help.

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