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What are the Requirements of Pharma Franchise

What are the Requirements of Pharma Franchise/PCD Franchise – Pharma Franchise business comes with a number of benefits this attract pharma professionals. Many pharma distributors, medical representative, and other experts are now considering pharma franchise a good business opportunity. For a good and smooth start, it is important to know what are the requirements of Pharma Franchise business so that you do not face any issue later. Many newbies in the pharma industry are not aware of its requirements. 

Since people are getting educated and living standards are improving thus, the demand for the pharmaceutical products is increasing all over the country. This has grown the pharmaceutical industry and created a good business opportunity like Pharma Franchise. At Apikos Pharma we have been asked my number of time that what are the requirements for Pharma Franchise business? Therefore, with this post, we are trying to provide the information regarding this.


Legal Requirements required for taking Pharma Franchise

Selling drugs with the authorization and permission of government is essential in India. Selling drugs without it is illegal and can cause you trouble. One should be eligible to apply for the pharma franchise and start a business in Pharmaceutical sector.

Tax Registration Number

Tax Registration number is essential if you want to start a Pharma Franchise business. It includes goods and services tax with out which it is illegal to buy or sell drugs in India. It is important to apply for this tax registration number earlier so that you can get it on time.


Following things are included in the tax registration:

  • GST number
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number)

Drugs License for Pharma Franchise 

Here is another important document is required for the pharma franchise business. This is one of an essential document without which you won’t be able to sell any kind of drugs in India. Wholesale drug license provides you the authority to store drug in your premises and selling it.

You can apply for pharma drug license here:

  • Central Drug Standard Control Organization
  • State Drug Standard Control Organization

If you don’t have any of these documents or do not have enough time to apply for them, you can use the documents for your wholesalers or stockist. But is always advised to have your own drugs license. It is important and can help you in many ways further in your business. Therefore, apply as soon as you can.

Requirement for Pharma Franchise Business Agreements

For Pharma Franchise business another most important thing is the pharma agreement it provides an assurance and builds trust between the pharma company and associates. In order to have a pharma franchise business agreement, following are the requirements:

  • First and foremost Stamp Paper
  • Complete Address details of Company and Franchise should be mentioned on the paper
  • Name of Authorized Persons along with complete Residence Address
  • Two witnesses are required
  • Agreement contain mutually agreed term and conditions
  • Rubber Stamp of both parties are also needed

Other Basic Requirements for Pharma Franchise

Pharma Franchise will require a good investment of money. On an average, most of the pharma franchise company provide its PCD Pharma Franchise starting from 25000. The investment may vary from company to company and also depend on your need of products or say the products that you want to buy.

You will also require the area for your office or shop. There are certain dimensions for the area and you will also need pharmacist and employees who could help you. The investment for the pharma franchise business is little and one time which is the best part about the pharma franchise business.


These were the few requirements for Pharma Franchise business which is essential for the investor to meet only then you will be able to start a Pharma Franchise business. We hope this post helped you well in understanding the requirements of PCD Pharma Franchise. Apikos Pharma wishes you a very bright and successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Apikos Pharma is a Best Pharma Franchise company well known for its PCD Pharma Franchise business opportunity all over the country. Start your business with us with the minimum investment starting from 25000/- for PCD Pharma Franchise Business.

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