Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane

Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane: Being an ISO-certified Pharmaceutical company APIKOS PHARMA  is having operations across the nation. Our company is totally involved in manufacturing, marketing, and exporting pharmaceutical formulations as well. We provide products, which are quality-based and are affordable. Our infrastructure is well maintained and all our resources are well maintained in the manufacturing process.

This opportunity of starting a PCD Pharma Franchise in Thane is offered to individuals all over the nation. We are inviting all the professionals, experts, and individuals from Thane to come and join our PCD Pharma Franchise Company and avail of all the benefits while connecting with us. Our product portfolio contains a wide range of products including Capsules, Syrups, Dry Syrups, Injections, Ointments, Soft Gel Capsules, & Sachets. 200+ pharma products are manufactured by us which are GMP approved.

Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane

To know more about Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane pharma franchise business opportunity, you can call us at +91-9996885335, or drop an email at apikospharma@gmail.com.

Best  Pharma  Franchise  Opportunity  in  Thane

Being the WHO & GMP certified company we are considered to be the best PCD Pharma Franchise company in India.  We are inviting all the experts and professionals from Thane to be part of our PCD Pharma Franchise business so that they can achieve success and can take the company to reach its height. If you are really interested then you can come and join hands with our PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Thane.

Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane | Apikos Pharma

We are able to recognize ourselves as the Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane with the help of two renowned personalities of the Pharma Industry Mr. Harsh Sharma & Mr. Anil Kapoor. They have worked with many high reputed companies with high positions and are considered to be a master in the Pharmaceutical industry at different levels.

We mainly focus on manufacturing the medicines which help in improving the health and condition of the patient. In this highly competitive environment, we are able to be strong and stable in the Pharmaceutical industry. The transparency is brought by us in our work to ensure sustainability and long-term relations are maintained between us and our partners or our associates.

The team of experts is being hired by us who always try to bring something new and innovative for the customers. We provide both the quality of the product as well as the affordable prices to our customers to ensure their satisfaction level. With the distribution and marketing rights to our customers, the monopoly rights are offered by us to our clients as well as our associates. Our operation of the company is from Chandigarh but we are extending our reach to Thane.

Scope of Having PCD Pharma Franchise

Thane is a well-developed city with advanced technology having all the necessary things. In this city, people are taking care of their health in a more defined manner as compared to other cities so in Thane the health and medical care sector is advanced and well managed. The people from neighboring states are visiting here for better treatment as there are many health care facilities, which are advanced and well managed.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increase in the number of patients so the need for the pharmaceutical sector is increasing rapidly. Good medical products are needed in India as there is a rapid increase in the number of COVID 19 viruses. The government is also showing a keen interest in this sector as the demand for medical care is increasing at a rapid speed. The scope of investing in Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane is increasing rapidly with good investment and growth.

Quality  Assurance  By  Apikos  Pharma  For  Pharma  Franchise  Business

The best quality products are ensured by Apikos pharma to all its associates and partners. The experts in the quality management team are hired by us who keeps the quality check of the products before being delivered to all our customers. The high-quality raw material is being used by our company and all the medicines are manufactured using all the best and modern technology. The products being offered by us are quality based as well as the products are affordable to the customers.

Why Choose Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane?

Being the topmost and the well-known company we are able to deliver the products in the fastest way. Work ethics are followed by us to make sure the responsibility towards the society. Being the trusted name in the pharmaceutical market we deliver products that are based on quality, effectiveness as well as is affordable to all our customers.

All kind of support is being provided by our firm to all our clients and associates. The marketing backup is provided by our company to all our associates to do well in the market. We also provide promotional tools to all our associates.

We are able to become the Top Pharma Franchise Company in Thane due to the following points:-

  • We are an ISO certified company
  • Quality products are provided by us at the affordable prices
  • Leaders hired by us are experienced
  • All our products are manufactured in excise free zone
  • We provide the monthly promotional plans to all our associates and clients
  • Products delivered by us are effective and based on quality
  • We provide the incentives which are given on completing the monthly targets


ADDRESS:# 13, Arjun Nagar
Nanhera, Ambala Cantt – 133001

MOBILE  NO : +91-9996885335

EMAIL: apikospharma@gmail.com

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